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Price Lists 2019

Small Rainbow Trout

For orders of 10,000 fish or more (for small orders additional charges apply):

All Female Triploid /Female Blue
Size (g) (£ Per 1000) (£ Per 1000)
5 £75.94 £102.52
7.5 £92.32 £124.63
10 £106.05 £143.16
15 £128.92 £174.03
20 £148.08 £199.90
30 £180.02 £243.03
40 £206.78 £279.15
50 £230.24 £310.83

Large Rainbow Trout

Size by weight pounds (lbs) Triploid/Female Blue
All sizes 50g - 454g/1lb POA
1lb £2.27
1-3lb £2.35
3-7lb £2.81
7-10lb £3.48
10-15lb £3.76
15-20lb £5.89

Brown Trout

Size in inches Triploids Per 100 fish (£)
3-5" £59.31
5-7" £99.42
7-9" £177.75
9-11" £307.00
11-13" £500.74
13"+ (1lb+) £4.63/lb

Order, Payment and Delivery Terms

Minimum order of £250.00

All small fish (5g) are vaccinated against ERM (relera vaccine) for an additional cost of £9 / 1,000
Fish larger than 25g can be also hand injected against ERM at a cost of 6p / fish
Fish larger than 50g can be oral boosted against ERM at a cost of 1.2p/fish
Brown Trout can be hand injected against Furunculosis at a cost of 9p/fish



Further discounts are negotiable for orders over £10,000 per annum

Delivery charges

(for loads up to 400Kg)

The above prices do not include delivery, which are as follows: Within Yorkshire and Lancashire, Durham and Tyne and Wear, delivery (per drop) will be charged at the flat rate of £85. Outside this area, delivery will be charged at 85p / mile each way (VAT is only charged if not part of the fish supply contract).


All dealings with Northern Trout are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Trading.

Payment is strictly 30 days net from the date of the delivery, or 14 days from receipt of the invoice whichever is applicable.

There is NO VAT on trout sales, fish food or delivery if this forms part of the fish sale contract. VAT is applied to Consultancy services where applicable.


Please contact Jonathan Jowett (small fish), Matt Baxter (Scotland)