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Northern Trout timeline
Combining the strength of our farms throughout the North of England and Scotland, we have decades of farming experience and trading knowledge to draw upon to meet your requirements…

Northern Trout has been successfully hatching and growing trout and salmon from sites in the North Yorkshire Dales and Dumfries for over 30 years. The business was established by Jonathan Jowett, who is still 'at the helm'; having grown the business from one site to nine in this time:

In 1988, Clear Spring Hatchery Ltd was set up to cater for the increased demand for quality fish and after several years was entirely incorporated into the parent company, Brow Well Fisheries Ltd., which has been operating since 1980 close to the picturesque village of Grassington. The core of the business from these two sites was - and still is - to produce eggs, fry and fingerling fish for growing on in other waters.

In 1995 we took over the National Rivers Authority fish hatchery near Pickering. This site had been established in 1932 to provide Brown Trout to enhance wild fisheries and under our tutelage has grown to become one of the major restocking farms in the North of England. The farm was previously known as Costa Spring Hatchery Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of ours and is managed by Mark Campbell, who also lives on the grounds in the restored 18th Century Corn Mill, as well as overseeing two other sites close-by.

2004 saw the purchase of Sinnington Trout Farms, a leading restocking farm in the area that had been operating successfully since 1976. Located only 5 miles from the Costa Spring site the synergies of combining resources to improve quality , reliability and service proved irresistible. 

Our Scottish site at Ae, just outside Moffat in Dumfries, came online in 2007 and again benefits from the manager, Matthew Baxter living on site or next door! Ae Fishery specialises in restocking Rainbow, Blue and Brown Trout, not to mention Brook Trout and Tiger Trout. For more information see Ae's separate website.

2009 saw the acquisition of our site at Howkeld, also near Pickering and one of the three managed by Mark Campbell and his team in North-East Yorkshire which complemented the Costa and Sinnington sites, the latter having been taken on in 2004. Autumn 2012 saw the latest additions with two further sites expanding output closer to the original two sites near Grassington.

Having traded as Brow Well Fisheries Ltd. and Costa Spring Hatchery Ltd. for many decades, and with the acquisition of two more sites from Yorkshire Salmon in late 2013, we decided to simplify things for our valued customers by trading as Northern Trout from February 2014.

In 2017 we purchased from the Barony College the old Carse of Ae farm. This new site, known as "Barony", has been extensively remodelled and extended; almost doubling the cubic capacity of it's sister site Ae Fishery near Moffat; meaning that between the two farms over 100 tonnes per annum of top quality trout are produced.

The nine farms now produce over 5 million fish annually, making us one of the largest producers of fry and fingerlings in the country. The fundamental reason for the continuing success of all our sites is the pure 'bug free' spring water supply. This provides ideal conditions for the production of fast growing, hardy, disease free trout, eminently suited for stocking all types of waters; from small garden ponds to the largest lakes and reservoirs. Over many years our sites have developed their own brood stock of Brown, Rainbow and Blue Trout. The excellent growing conditions, coupled with our technological expertise and vast experience [See Consultancy], enables us to supply all sizes of fish throughout the year, be they mixed sex, all female, or triploid, from eggs through to monster trout of over 9kg (20lbs)!